by Monique Maion

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Monique Maion lays down her debut release, Lola, a 21st century “courtesan” ‘who listens to Coltrane whilst putting on her panty-hose’.

Having been strongly influenced by the likes of Tom Waits and some of the biggest female blues voices such as Big Mamma Thornton and Memphis Minnie whom she all honours by incorporating covers of their tracks, Monique brings you Jazz, Blues mixed with a Glam stage presence and coupled with the story telling of a sinner. Lola’s life is filled with lust, desire but remains dramatically dark and wounded. On stage, Monique expands to an energetically alternative and underground “pretty woman”.


Bela, inimitável e dona de uma voz suave. A cantora Monique Maion impressiona interpretando tanto standards do jazz e do blues (Tom Waits, Serge Gainsbourg, Stray Cats, Lou Reed, entre outros) quanto suas composições próprias, reunidas no disco de estréia, Lola.

No CD, com produção de Luiz Thunderbird, ela interpreta temas autorais que narram a história de luxúria, paixões e distúrbios da prostituta Lola - e também faz releituras de compositores do seu background, como Tom Waits, Big Mamma Thornton e Memphis Minnie.

Destaque na cena independente de São Paulo, ela vem acompanhada por uma mega banda com músicos de ótimo gabarito na cena: no baixo, Maurício Biazzi (Patife Band); no teclado, Piero Damiani (Numismata); na bateria, Ladislau Kardos (Mamma Cadela); no violão e na guitarra, Thitcho. Mas Monique Maion não se limita apenas em cantar: escaleta, percussão, kazoo e outros apetrechos ficam por conta da musa.

Ela também é vista com frequência nas casas alternativas de São Paulo, em participações especiais nas apresentações de bandas como Seychelles, Mamma Cadela, Sunset, Ludov, Die Katzen, Ancestral, Liga Leve, Sala do Aborto, Heroes, I Love Amy, entre outras.


released 12 April 2010

Monique Maion - Vocals and Piano

The Band:
Maurício Biazzi - Upright Bass and Cello (except tracks 8, 10 and 11)
Ladislau Kardos - Drums (except tracks 8, 9, 10 and 11)
Thitcho - Guitars (except tracks 1, 8, 9, 10 and 11)

Additional Participations:
Fernando Coelho - Guitar (tracks 2 and 6)
Guilherme Garbato - Hammond (tracks 1, 4, 6 and 7), Rhodes (track 5), Piano (track 5 and 7)
Guilherme Mendonza - Trumpet (track 6 and 7)
Gustavo Garbato - Guitar (track 1 and 10)
Hugo Hori - Baritone Saxophone (tracks 2, 4 and 7)
James Muller - Percussions (tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10)
Luiz Thunderbird - Electric Bass (tracks 8, 9 and 10), Percussions (tracks 2, 8 and 9), Guitar (track 5 and 9), Backing vocal (track 3)
Manito - Flute (tracks 1 and 5)
Paulo Zinner - Drums (tracks 8, 9 and 10)

All tracks written and composed by Monique Maion except track 2 written by Willie Mae Thornton, track 3 written by Memphis Minnie, track 4 written by Tom Waits, track 5 written by Flávio Basso

All tracks arranged by Luiz Thunderbird except track 10 by Monique Maion and Luiz Thunderbird and track 11 by Monique Maion, Renato Cortez and Ismael Sedenski

All tracks recorded at EGL studios in São Paulo, Brazil except track 11 recorded at Home Studios.



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Track Name: Is There Anybody
Is there anybody who’s gonna lift me from my knees?
Is there anybody who’s gonna rub my feet?
Who’s gonna take me out at night?
Who’s gonna dry my tears when I cry?
Is there anybody
Is there anybody
Is there anybody

I found someone at last
Someone to rest my head
To take me on and out
To carry me through
Is this love known as first sight?

Is there anybody who’s gonna say don’t worry baby
Your tears and your fears I’ll haze them
You take how miserable you were
Put in front and then we’ll blow.
Track Name: You Don't Move Me No More
You say you got a job
Down on 32nd Street
To me little daddy
You still look beat
You don’t move me no more
You don’t move me no more
You don’t move me daddy
So move it on from my door

You call me Big Mamma just because I loved you so
Things have changed
I’ve added up the score
You don’t move me no more
You don’t move me no more
You don’t move me baby
So move it on from my door

Look at you standing there begging
You call yourself a man
Your tears won’t help you daddy
You just don’t fit my plan
You don’t move me no more
Yeah, you don’t move me no more
Baby, you don’t move me
So move it on from my door
Track Name: Walking Spanish
He's got himself a homemade special
You know his glass is full of sand
And it feels just like a jaybird
the way it fits into his hand
He rolled a blade up in his trick towel
They slap their hands against the wall
You never trip, you never stumble
He's walking Spanish down the hall

Slip him a picture of our Jesus
Or give him a spoon to dig a hole
What all he done ain't no one's business
But he'll need blankets for the cold
They dim the lights over on Broadway
Even the king has bowed his head
And every face looks right up at Mason
Man he's walking Spanish down the hall

Litella's screeching for a blind pig
Punk Sanders carved it out of wood
He never sang when he got hoodwinked
They tried it all but he never would
Tomorrow morning there'll be laundry
But he'll be somewhere else to hear the call
Don't say goodbye, he's just leaving early
He's walking Spanish down the hall

All St. Barthelemew said
Was whispered into the ear of Blind Jack Dawes
All Baker told the machine was that he never broke the law
Go on and tip your hat up to the Pilate
Take off your watch, your rings and all
Even Jesus wanted just a little more time
When he was walking Spanish down the hall
Track Name: A Lad and a Maid in the Bloom
You're on hysterical stages and mad
You see the serpent on you
You have your confidence friend or two
There is a serpent on you
There is a wonderful painting inside
There is on your lighting colours of life
Some beauty flowers, elegance and shine
But there's a serpent on you

The serpent can be a nice snake
If you have trust and some faith
The serpent's riding around the rising sun
Maybe the gates not for long
You are a lovely face in the room
You see a lad and a maid in the bloom
Perhaps it's only your mirror all the time
But you see the serpent behind

Meet meet...
It's an exorcism
Track Name: I'm a bride
I listen to Coltrane while I put on my pantyhose
I listen to Miles Davis while I dance to the men I don’t know
It’s a wild wild world for a girl especially for a whore

I was working on the streets with my boots and some bruises
Money for the kids for the boos and for my boots, man
It’s a wild wild world for a girl especially for a whore

This Charlie something came one night
He came by myside and stood
He offered me a drink, a talk, a fuck, a ring
Three months ago I was a whore now I’m a bride

I’m a bride I’m a bride
For some I’m a drunk bride
For others I’m a red bride
Three months ago I was a whore, a big fat whore

Now I listen to Coltrane and put on my pantyhose just for you, Charlie
I listen to Miles Davis and dance for you, Charlie.
Man I miss the nights on the streets
The lights and the sins
Charlie, I miss being drunk but I need my money
Where are my boos? I’m sure marriage is not for me
For some I’m a drunk bride
For others I’m a red bride
Track Name: Bonny's Trace
You liked Bonny when she got bruises on her thighs
She was always dreaded, dressing up and high
You won’t trace, face the haze
Bonny was there.
So you can face this childhood
In a nucleon tent

She was hitchhiking fucking and mocking them all
Everybody telling you to go go go go
You ripped your dress, you go on streets
You wanna fuck all this shit
Proportion negotiation on you

You may, you believe you’re on a tray
Oh Now you see the haze
Now you won’t take Mother Teresa’s pray
You want Bonny’s trace
You want Bonny’s trace
You want Bonny’s trace

You’ve got started now you’ve gotta go
How can you believe if the man can really show?
The walk, the nod, the strip, the cliché moves
Now for sure, now you’re sure
You want Bonny’s trace
You run more than you can run more than….
I can’t talk
I can’t breath

I believe in the best of
Old friends and old parts
Bernice bobbed her hair
Now you’re a Bonny
Grown up
But your name now is Lola
And you mess with the dangerous minds
Just because when you were a child
You wanted Bonny’s trace
Track Name: You want me Dead
You’ve been loving me fast
So you can take away the fuzz
Look of crocodile
You see me as someone you can never trust

Feel my lips and sins
You feel me coming nearby
You feel the smell of it
You ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (hate)
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (hate)

Words and facts exposed to you
Feel a goofy in the air
You feel betrayed
You see me standing near the stairs

You want me dead
You want me dead
You watch me being out of breath
You want me dead
You want me dead
You push away my bench
And you say
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (hate)

Track Name: Among other things
Among all things in life
We want a person to walk and stand by oursides
We keep complaining when someone’s there
To walk away in sickness or in health
We may believe
There’s a piece
may think
It will be a better person waiting for me

You can’t see the beauty above her neck
You just can’t see the beauty above her neck
You watch instead of comforting her so

There was a name
A flashing light across
Among other things
You came You said you died trying

You can’t see the beauty above her neck
You just can’t see the beauty above her neck
You watch instead of comforting her so
Track Name: Sleeplessness
Why have you been gone?
Don’t you know?
I’ll spend this night with you
There’s no worry

Why don’t you stop
worrying about
right and wrong
Hey man, what’s wrong
Consider what your body wants
So take me tonight
Track Name: Cunt
He was afraid and
I was running by myself
by myself
Running by itself
He thought I was too young to give myself completely
So he takes me around
He shows me how
Strange thing was
It happened again
He fell in love with me, boy

I saw this man of the world
“A cunt is a cunt” he said

I would put on my hat
And I will kill this love that was eating me again
Sex and death

I was like a maniac armed with a rusty axe
I killed everybody I saw in front of me that reminded me of some kind of love
I killed the love that was eating me
I was not responsible for my actions

Sex and death